Thank you Pablo for such an outstanding work. May your readers recognize what they now behold.  
Kenton Knepper

Thank you, Pablo, for everything you’ve done, and are doing, for all of us. You, and a handful of other mentalists, are changing mentalism, and making it much richer, believable, and real.   
Richard Webster

Simply Mental II is my new hardcover compendium of work, that will offer you exciting ideas for your repertoire. 

In 2017 I released my first compendium book called "Simply Mental"
More than 500 pages and 60 routines.

In "Simply Mental II" you will find my work since "Simply Mental", PLUS some extra routines and ideas AND a essay/manifesto about "Conversational Mysteries" an ontological observation and non-performance approach of Mystery Performance.

Table of Content

Chapter 0: Initiation
Tree Theory
What is Mentalism?
10 Characteristics
Chapter I: Minimal Mentalism
Weekly Cartomancy
No Sven-Sven Pad
Casual Q&A
Minimal Q&A
Intuitive Blackjack
Imaginary Journey
Musical Synchrony

Chapter II: Acts
Emergency Act
E5P Act
Parlor Act
Minimal Act
Walkaround Act
Walkaround Act 2
Pendulum Close Up Act
No Briefcase Act

Chapter III: Borrowed Time

Chapter IV: Theory
Four Technical Dimensions
Self-Knowledge for Mystery Performers
Effective Performer
10 Seconds

Chapter V: Zodiac

Chapter VI: Romantic Mentalism

Chapter VII: Mental Rubik

Chapter VIII: Equivoque

Chapter IX: Readings

Chapter X: Conversational Mystery

• • •